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Onboarding and resource levelling

When we are working on large projects with large numbers of resources we cannot simply estimate effort and then plan this into the time available. We need to consider the speed and realistic timing at which we can onboard the resources.

- We need to find then

- We need to assess and understand their capability and likely efficiency

- We need to train them on project specifics

- We need to understand the impact of onboard on existing resource

- Do we allow for a number of failed onboards

Build out a ratio that you think is realistic in terms of term growth per month that will not cause the team to grind to a halt - is it 20%, 30% ? - doubling in size is not realistic if we need to maintain team delivery efficiency. Have we built in this onboarding time and cost to the plans (e.g. does the resource cost us a minimum of one month before we get productive outputs).

We also need to consider resource "run rate" - we cannot turn on and off resources as the work ebbs and flows, so even if all resources are not fully occupied we still need to keep them and pay for them. How have we accounted for this.

We will also need to smooth out plans so that we are not peaking in large numbers of resources for short periods - this is not feasible and drive out efficiency.

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