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Project Success Criteria

Far too often projects start out with the right intent of delivering to the business case and the business outcome, and quickly become consumed in reporting and measuring project deliverables and as such the success of the project shifts from delivering that business outcome, to finishing on time and to budget. The business are then informed that what they are now getting is the "agreed scope" (and in many cases descoped to meet time and budget constraints). At this stage we have broken the cardinal rule that the business outcome is king, and although there may be restrictions of budget and time, the success and the focus of the project must continue to be the delivery of the business outcome(s).

We therefore need to "map" project deliverables to business outcomes and build a reporting toolset that enables us to monitor both project deliverables in terms of how they are delivering upon the business outcomes. At the end of the day, the project may be buying (leasing etc.) software and infrastructure, but the business is only interested in acquiring capability.

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