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Project Manager, Programme Manager and PMO

Seems obvious but this one seems to get missed a lot ! Are we clear on the roles of the project manager, the programme manager, the Project Administrators, Project Leaders, Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, Product Owners, Senior Business Leads etc.

But without getting into a major discussion on business Vs IT leadership, or Agile Vs other delivery methods, we should at least agree on the role of the Programme Manager, Project Manager, and Project Administrator (PMO).

This is important to get right from the outset and its important for these key roles to understand what is expected of them and where we expect them to spend the majority of their time.

We also need to make it clear what they personally are responsible for - too many times I have seen project managers in "reporting" rather than "responsible for delivery roles" where they simply coordinate activities, organise meetings, set up and document meetings.

This gets worse when external companies ort partners are brought in to Project Manager and for some reason do not see themselves responsible and accountable for the delivery of the project ? This is acceptable where they are in project administrator/PMO roles but not when the title is Programme or Project Manager as these are senior leadership and delivery roles and need to be clearly defined as such.

But when we allocate this responsibility , we also need to give these individuals authority to lead and drive delivery tasks.

Write it down and get it agreed at all levels.

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